BOTR is a three-part challenge, consisting of a "Mars Rover" challenge, a saucer rocket challenge, and an altitude challenge. DART is participating in the "Mars Rover" and altitude challenges. The rover challenge is to launch a rocket to at least 1000 feet and deploy a rover vehicle above 1000 feet. The rocket and rover must return safely to the ground. Then, within 10 minutes after landing, the rover must place a visible marker, travel 10 feet in one direction, place a second marker, turn 90 degrees, then drive 10 feet before terminating.  

DART BOTR Slow Motion Lifoff.MOV

January 27, 2014: Astronomy Days Outreach

Photo Collage of Outreach Activity (Poster, Rocket, and Bottle Rockets Demonstrations)

Top Left: Myles explains the altimeter bay

Top Center: Andrew talks about No Bull and DART's goals for this year

Top Right: Vivek talks about the bottle rockets

Bottom Left: Andrew talking about the rocket

Bottom Left Center: DART's booth and No Bull

Bottom Right Center: Andrew explains the basic concepts of No Bull to a boy and his father

Bottom Right: Andrew, Vivek, and Myles man DART's booth

January 11, 2014: BOTR and TARC Construction in Mr. Morey's Garage

Photo Collage of Construction Session:

Top Left: BOTR's altimeter bay bulkheads

Top Right: Evelyn attaches rail guides to BOTR fin section

Middle Left: Evelyn tests fit of ADK on rover body

Middle Center: Vivek sands BOTR foam transition section

Middle Right: Kristian sands pieces for TARC motor adapters 

Bottom Left: Evelyn cuts pieces for BOTR motor adapter

Bottom Center: Vivek prepares to finish BOTR foam transition

Bottom Right: Kristian aligns TARC motor adapters

January 9, 2014: BOTR and TARC Construction in NCSSM's GRL

Photo Collage of the Construction Meeting:

Top Left: BOTR's inner rover tube and other supply boxes

Top Right: Sam applies fillets to BOTR fins

Middle Left: Sam uses compass to examine TARC tube

Middle Center: BOTR fin fillets dry

Middle Right: Andrew, Karia, and Henry cut wires for BOTR under the guidence of Mr. Morey

Bottom Left: Evelyn orients the ADK on the structure of the rover

Bottom Center: Mandie works on TARC fins

Bottom Right: Issac and Mat build the MRM (Marker Release Mechanism)

First Look at the Assembled Rover: 

Not flight-worthy yet, but getting closer every day

December 15, 2013: BOTR and TARC Construction in Mr. Morey's Garage

Mounting nuts for launch rod buttons, and the final, attached buttons

Pictured: (Sam and Vivek), (Evelyn and Vivek)

The fitted nosecone in the upper BOTR rocket body (left- credit to Hugh for the fitting), and cutting TARC fin slots (right) 

Pictured: Sam, Logan, Mr. Morey and Andrew (left), Andrew and Sam (right)

Cutting the parachute cloth strips (BOTR and TARC)

Pictured: Evelyn (not pictured: Vivek)

  Equipment for parachute cutting: vacuum converter (left), vacuum and board, chute strips, and x-acto knife (center)

Hugh Sanding the BOTR fins (right)

December 4, 2013: BOTR Teleconference Presentation

Presenter Team

Front: Matt, Karia, Evelyn;  Back: Andrew, Vivek

(Not pictured: Rachel)