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Cardinal Launches!

On April 6th, 2024, at Bayboro, NC, our HPR team had a successful launch of Cardinal! 

The rocket features three unique payloads, an atmospheric data sensor, a camera for videoing, and a GPS. The team will spend the upcoming weeks analyzing our data and preparing for the Research Symposium on April 22nd!

HPR could not be happier with Cardinal's launch. The rocket soared 5,023ft into the Bayboro skies and went as planned! HPR is looking forward to the rest of the year. 

Special Congrats to Elizabeth, David, and Max for completing their L1s!

Three of our rocketry captains completed their level one certifications this weekend in Bayboro, NC. 

David successfully launched Anderious 1 with an H130W motor, soaring to approximately 1,900 feet. Max achieved an impressive flight with his rocket Lambda 1, propelled by an H100W motor, reaching a height of roughly 3,300 feet. Elizabeth's rocket, LizLaughLove, equipped with an H128-8 motor, ascended to 1,766 feet during its flight.

NCSSM Rocketry is very proud of its captains and their three successful launches!

Construction on Cardinal almost complete

With a launch scheduled on March 10th, HPR is excited to announce to be almost done with construction on Cardinal! 

Soon, the rocket will be painted and ready to launch! 

ARC Continues Launching!

ARC has had multiple exciting launches since their first one in December. Two of their three teams (Falcon Unheavy and NASA L) have used all three of their qualifying launches and have ended their season. 

Their last team, Sunny Side Up, has been working hard for the past months to improve their rocket and are hoping to qualify for nationals in the coming months! 

Construction has begun on Cardinal!

HPR has begun construction on Cardinal, this year's rocket. Over January, HPR aims to get the majority of construction done with a launch hopefully in March.

The team is excited to begin working on their rocket and for an incredible year of rocketry!

December ARC Launch!

In December of 2023, NCSSM Rocketry's ARC teams had their first rocket launch

The teams have spent all of the fall semester preparing their rockets. At Launch, club members learned valuable rocketry skills while watching their hard work pay off! 

As the year continues, ARC will improve on these first models and continue to have launches later in the year.

ARC Has Demonstration Motor Burn

NCSSM Rocketry's sponsor and NCSSM Engineering Department Chair, Dr. Garrett Love, visited the ARC team to help oversee motor burns! 

HPR Introducing Cardinal!

HPR has completed the design for this year's rocket, Cardinal! The rocket is named for its four payloads.

Firstly, HPR aims to create a suite of sensors to collect data about the atmospheric conditions surrounding the rocket during its ascent and descent. Secondly, HPR aims to record a video of our rocket's flight to an SD card, while simultaneously transmitting a live stream back to the ground using radio signals. Thirdly, we will use a live radio signal to communicate positioning data such as GPS coordinates to ease the difficulty of recovering the rocket. This project will experiment with the use of amateur radio satellite relays as a means of information transfer. Lastly, we will use a flash charge to produce a noticeable flash in order to assist the ground personnel in visual identification of the rocket at apogee. We are excited to build Çardinal throughout this yeae!

ARC Has Mini Launch!

This week, on September 22nd, ARC had a mini rocket launch on the NCSSM soccer field to teach new members launch safety and basic rocket construction. The rockets were launched on A motors. 

NCSSM Rocketry's sponsor and NCSSM Engineering Department Chair, Dr. Garrett Love, oversaw the launch.

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