2022 - 2023


This May, we finally were able to launch our rockets! Sadly our launch date was not in time for the TARC competition but learning from this year we hope to launch in time for the competition next year. The launch went super well with both rockets successfully launching and one rocket got super close to 1000ft. During the launch, we learned a lot about launch safety from the club mentor Dr. Knight and got to meet our on-campus sponsor for next year. Later in the week we also had welcome day and were able to meet some future juniors interested in rocketry.


During March, both teams managed to get the rockets completely built! There were many setbacks during the build phase, one example was the fin material. We were able to find a solution and persevere through the issues. The two rockets boast 3D printed nose cones, transition peices, and tailcones, as well as hand-made parachutes for the upper stage. We were also able to decorate one of the rockets with vinal wrap and paint the fins to match the design for the rocket.


Following winter break, our teams began preparation for building the rockets. As part of TARC constraints, the rockets had to safely bring an egg up and down, thus we needed egg protectors. As a fun learning activity, smaller groups within the club created egg drop containers to simulate the rocket hitting the ground. The egg case that resembled a rocket the most won! Near the end of the month, all of our supplies came in. We are hoping to build the rockets in the coming month so we can begin to launch! 



This November, the NCSSM-Morganton Rocketry Club was founded. Interested people were divided into two teams, Icarus and Dedalus named after the famous myth. Our first meeting involved training the members in OpenRocket, the software we used to design the rockets for this year. Our rockets this year are designed to follow The American Rocketry Challenge (TARC) constraints with hopes of launching for the competition. We are excited to kick-start this year and hope to create a lasting club for the Morganton campus!

2022-2023 Leadership

Team Captains : Ashe Sonntag, Cannon Rich

Safety : Cayden Tirak

Communications : Mallory Newton, Cayden Tirak

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